Can your Palm make you smarter?
Help Stave off Alzheimer's?

Buddyco Inc. thinks so!

Pocket full of Brain Exercises

Medical Science is proving that Brain Building Exercises can reverse memory loss and stave off the Alzheimer's.

Pocket full of Brain Exercises is the Palm Application that offers distinct varieties of Brain Exercises that will make you smarter!

If you "Do" this whole Palm Program, you will be smarter. You will have learned ways to Exercise your Brain, and develop Mental Muscle.

This program focuses on four distinct categories of Brain Exercises that will help you keep your Brain in Shape.

Each of these categories has a different and positive effect on the brain.

Logic Exercises reinforce the brain's reasoning capacity.

Memory Exercises: Memory and intelligence are undoubtedly linked. One of the very first victims of the un-exercised brain is the memory. But like other parts of our brain, we can exercise those parts of our brain that are used for memory.

Dendrites & Synapses: The brain makes use of many brain cells that deliver, receive, and process information from one another. Dendrites are the branches on nerve cells in the brain that directly receive and process information from other nerve cells. Dendrites receive information by making use of connections called Synapses. These connections must be exercised regularly, or the Dendrites are at risk of atrophy.

Positive Vibe exercises reinforce the Power of Positive Thinking. It's real, and scientists are showing us how in new ways every day.

In addition, this program has a "Brain Build du jour" section. Simply start on the first day of the month, and click < 1 >. This will give you the Brain Building Exercise for the first day of the month. You do the exercise, then go about the business of your day. Next day click < 2 > , and so on, until you've done the "Brain Build du jour" for each day of the month.

Your Brain will be stronger at the end of that month.

It's just $12.79 (USD). Purchase the Pocket full of Brain Building Exercises, Palm Guide,